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AC Replacement: Upgrade Your Cooling Equipment With Our Help

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Climate Control Solutions is your local go-to when you need expert AC replacement services in Austin. As your air conditioning unit ages, it won't perform as effectively as it used to. When this time comes, you need reliable professionals to guide you through the AC replacement process. As the top air conditioning company in Austin, Climate Control Solutions is more than qualified to help! We can recommend the perfect new AC unit to fit your home's needs and budget.

Is It Time for a Replacement?

Have you noticed your AC unit struggling to meet the demands of your home? Can you not keep things comfortably cool? If any of this sounds familiar, then you could have a problem with your HVAC system. In some cases, a simple repair job or maintenance service can resolve the problem. Other times, it could be a sign that your home is ready for an AC replacement. Read on for some red flags that a replacement is in your near future, and remember to call us if you want a dependable air conditioning company on the job!

  • Advanced age. Most air conditioning units are designed to last around 15 years. As they approach this age, it's common for them to run less efficiently and to underperform. If your AC unit is nearing this age, then it probably won't be long before you have to start thinking about a replacement.
  • Higher energy costs. Have you noticed a spike in your electricity bill? If so, a defective AC unit could be to blame. Faulty or outdated units tend to burn energy inefficiently which can reflect on your home's utility costs. Our technicians can suggest a newer, upgraded unit that will be easier on your wallet and the environment.
  • Frequent repairs and malfunctions. If your AC unit suffers multiple breakdowns in a year, or if it's facing expensive repairs, then a replacement might be the most cost-effective solution. A new unit is an investment that will mean far fewer repairs in the future and improved performance day to day.

Trust Us for Reliable AC Installation

Once our team has helped you select the perfect new AC unit to fit your home, we'll follow up with expert installation services. Our techs know how to install your new unit flawlessly so that you won't experience issues from poor installation later. We also offer additional support with our AC maintenance services, which is the best way to keep your new unit in great shape for years to come! Hire us for your AC replacement, and see what makes us the top HVAC expert in Austin!

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